Toronto Raptors, "We The North" Commercial

The NBA season is officially upon us and I'm proud to say that the TSN production team contacted me to be apart of the new Toronto Raptors "We The North" campaign commercial to represent the Northern Uprising!

The commercial is a run and gun style spot for TSN's coverage of the 2014-15 Raptors season. It's an MLSE-sanctioned "We The North" piece, that the city has so strongly carried on their backs and so, it is only fitting to carry on with the theme.

Being that Toronto is such a multicultural melting pot, TSN saw it suitable to aim for a broader focus on the city's residents, rather than just Raptors' basketball players (as seen on last year's commercial). For this season's "We The North" campaign, the aim of the commercial is to represent the new generation of Toronto; one that is creative, talented, multicultural, etc.

The TSN talent crew admitted that they casted me off of my social media outlets and personal style. I am extremely and genuinely honoured and blessed to be apart of the new Toronto Raptors "We The North" campaign commercial to represent the city that birthed me and continues to raise me — Toronto.