New Fall Favourite by Caramelas Vintage

Photo courtesy of:  Caramelas Vintage  via Instagram

Photo courtesy of: Caramelas Vintage via Instagram

My cousin, Alyson, owns her own little online vintage shop called, Caramelas VinatgeIt has become my new go-to when it comes to unique pieces. I often find myself falling in love with vintage silks and art-inspired printed blouses and blazers that I revamp (with my seamstress) to make customized pieces for myself. This time around, I fell in love with a beautiful, handmade from Poland, black wool hat that I absolutely had to have. Being her cousin who's only a month and a day younger than her, I called first dibs before it landed on her Etsy page. For just $35, it has easily become one of my new favourite fall essentials.

Please visit: and I advise you to check out her blog where she shares her breathtaking poems and beautiful, storytelling photographs.

I am extremely proud of my creative, intelligent, optimistic, independent thinking cousin who sees beauty in all.