Canadian Family Magazine & MATTEL bring an exclusive Barbie Mariposa event!

Interview with Mattel Barbie rep. Alicia

Interview with Mattel Barbie rep. Alicia

Casa Loma stained glass ceiling mural

Casa Loma stained glass ceiling mural

On Sunday, November 10th, Barbie and Canadian Family magazine hosted an exclusive VIP Barbie Fairy Princess party that catered to enchanting young imaginations from 11am-4pm. From ceiling to floor, the historic Casa Loma in Toronto was transformed into every little girl's dream castle house. You guessed that right- pink overload, tons of treats and Barbie sets galore! From table cloths to glitter and sparkles; it was like waking up in a fairy tale dream.

As mini Barbies and princesses entered "Barbie's castle", they were immediately transformed into a magical world with an all-access pass to meet Barbie herself and take part in exciting princess activities including: Capturing the magic with a special photo with Barbie; become a Fairy Princess just like Barbie by designing their very own fairy wings; attend a movie screening of the latest Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess  movie; use their imagination at the Princess Play Station where they are able to play out their favourite scenes from the movie with the new "Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess" toys; create their own Barbie friendship necklaces; and dine like a princess as they enjoy an enchanted lunch, and decorate their own special cupcakes.

When asked what their favourite part of the day was, many of them said, "making cupcakes and eating candy!", while many parents enjoyed channeling their inner child.

 Mattel representative, Alicia, said it was fitting to join Canadian Family as iconic toys such as Barbie, are a crucial part to the creative imagination and communication with children and families through play. She mentioned a new campaign starting next year that encourages parents to watch and observe their child(ren) play because there's "a special kind of magic and feeling that happens." A father of two young girls said, it's astonishing to watch his daughters play and interact with their toys because he's able to see how they communicate toys (such as Barbies) to real life events. He even says he's taken by surprise with the ideas they come up with because they are not the kinds he would ever think of.

One mother said, the Barbie and Canadian Family event is great because it allows her daughter to actually come out and play with tangible, interactive objects as oppose to sticking her face in front of a computer, tablet, or other devices children are into these days. 

Alicia says the Barbie event is also very motivating and encouraging because Barbie has had over 130 careers and it helps young girls realize that they are able to do and be anything they want- from being a doctor, a veterinarian, or an astronaut. The use of interactive play stations also intertwines with the lessons that can be learned in Barbie movies: don't be afraid to be yourself, stick up for what you believe is right, and "the best way to make a friend is to be a friend (hence the friendship necklace station)".

From the DJ rocking Barbie pop music and enchanting melodies, to servants serving sugar coated fruits, candies and popcorn on silver platters, the majestic event was a huge hit and I enjoyed covering the entire event for Canadian Family magazine! Heck, even I put on my best Barbie inspired outfit and channelled my inner child!

On November 10th, Barbie and Canadian Family welcomed 300 VIP guests for a magical Barbie® Fairy Princess Party at Casa Loma. The enchanted afternoon included a screening of the new Barbie® Mariposa & The Fairy Princess movie, a Princess play station and a special lunch with cupcake decorating.