Penfield's "Coldest Day" Fall 2013 Lookbook


Penfield's "Coldest Day" Fall 2013 Lookbook showcases how to dress accordingly to the dropping temperatures with a load of layers. Textured, colourful layers to be exact. I mean, at least this colourful and stylish collection beats the cold, depressing mood we all seem to be in. Plus, I know we're all guilty of opting for all the dark items in our closets.

So, let's sit back and use Penfield's latest lookbook for inspiration and use it to brighten up our moods. What do you say?

Forget about a generic black bomber, how about a navy and white polka-dotted one? Or how about we kick our 'safe' tan and navy windbreakers to the curb and grab a vibrant yellow one instead? Oh, and we all know plaid flannels are always in for the fall and winter seasons but how about we try to amp it up with a bit more colour?

Now, now, a few of you can argue that there's a bit too much colour happening here, but regardless, it's still possible to stay warm, stylish and happy (with some colour) during the frigid months ahead.

Listen, man up! If you can brave the cold, brave the colour!

PS. Always layer with wool socks and Long Johns. Key essentials.