IN VOGUE by, Norberto Angeletti & Alberto Oliva

In VOGUE  at my desk. 

In VOGUE at my desk. 

This morning as I walked towards my desk at St. Joseph Media and turned on my computer, I received an email from FASHION magazine's online editor, Randi Bergman who requested I head down to her desk in the editorial department. As I greeted her a good morning, she greeted me with a humungous Holt Renfrew bag — one I can actually curl up and fit in. FASHION is currently having a Christmas contest entitled, '12 Days of Christmas Giveaways' where one lucky fashion winner will get a chance to win one gifting package a day. I was lucky enough to give today's lucky winner the great news as I shipped off her ultimate gift bundle from Holt Renfrew  to Vancouver, B.C. — which includes: an oxblood Rebecca Minkoff bag, Lanvin playing cards and a stunning VOGUE book. I couldn't help but look through the hefty sized IN VOGUE book at my desk and admire the historic illustrations of the world's most famous fashion magazine by, Norberto Angeletti and Alberto Oliva. This book is to die for and I'm in dire need of it! Christmas gift, anyone?