Bell Let's Talk Day: Canadians to speak out on Mental Health


Today Canadians across the country are encouraged to talk openly about mental health.

Leaders in various industries in Montreal and Toronto are meeting to discuss mental health in the workplace. And Bell is encouraging Canadians to spread the word about mental illness and to help eliminate the stigma attached to it.

Bell’s Let’s Talk Day initiative is based on four action plans: anti-stigma, research, care and access and workplace best practices.

Health Canada states that, “Twenty per cent of Canadians will personally experience a mental illness during their lifetime.” This represents 15 per cent of Canada’s health care burden but unfortunately, many won’t be able to seek health services due to the continuing stigma attached to the disease. According to Health Canada, this stigma plays as “a barrier to correct diagnosis and treatment, as well as to the acceptance and support of people with mental illness within the community.”

Bell Let’s Talk Day helps to send the message to those suffering that Canadians are here to talk and listen and are willing to help.

For programs dedicated to mental health, Bell will donate 5¢ for every long distance call, text message, Tweets using #BellLetsTalk hashtags, and Facebook share of the Bell Let's Talk image made by Bell customers on January 28.

Several events are taking place across Canada to mark the campaign and to raise funds towards the initiative.

In previous years, Bell Let’s Talk Community raised over $3,303,961.80 for the cause. This year, they are hoping for more supporters.

For more information on mental health awareness, visit Health Canada’s mental health website and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health website.

[Source: Global News]