Finally joined the conversation! Needs & Wants Paper Issue 01

Having been a supporter of Canadian based designer (and friend), Sean Brown and his amazingly creative team, I have finally 'joined the conversation' and got a hold of the latest and newest first issue of Needs and W A N T S Paper  gifted personally to me by Sean Brown himself. I feel honored to have a copy on hand and to be wearing his aesthetic pieces proudly. 

It's more of a hybrid between a magazine and a double-sided visual poster. It's unique and intriguing to say the least. It's interactive and visually stimulating. It's also a pleasure and loads of fun unravelling each fold only to experience a new image and story each time. So clean, so brilliant. Consider it your latest vision board.

In it you will find contributors and stories from all over the world. "NEEDS&WANTS' Paper is a bi annual in-print series of independent content [published by needsandwantsstudios] exploring the synergy between fashion, art, architecture and travel—all at once."

Our palpable view of culture and ideas best presented on the printed page. —Frank Carraciolo (editor)

Please join the conversation as well. Issue 01 is now available through Also, follow them via Instagram if you're in need for a breath of fresh air. So necessary.