Nike Women's Week - Professional Women Athletes take to the Panel

In addition to Nike Women's Week, ladies  across the globe taking part of the Nike Media Launch Summit were in for an inspiring morning on Thursday, October 23,  as Allyson Felix (American/Olympian track and field sprint athlete) hosted a panel discussion at Spring Studios in New York City alongside other accomplished professional women athletes such as: Carissa Moore (professional Hawaiian surfer), Skylar Diggins (American professional basketball player), Joan Benoit Samuelson (American/Olympian marathon runner), Li Na (Chinese professional tennis player), and Sarah Reinertsen ( American paratriathlete and former Paralympic track athlete).

The panel discussion consisted of Q&A sessions with each athlete and their viewpoints about the evolution of women in sports today and how social media can have an impact. 

When Allyson Felix asked the question, "How can sports change the lives of young women and how can fitness have a positive impact on them?" Skylar Diggins replied:

"[As an athlete,] It's great to have this platform where you understand that you're under a microscope and it's apart of you to also be a role model. So many young girls now, especially with social media, feel like they're apart of our lives so it's all about promoting people to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, and no matter what fitness level you are, I always preach about hard work and having confidence and being competitive with yourself. My mom always told me, 'You don't have to be the best, but you have to be your best!' If I had any advice, it would be to take that into every workout; to challenge yourself and try to discover a new level to yourself that you may not havprie known that you had."

I must say, I was extremely honored and blessed to be in the same room as these accomplished professional women athletes. Their words of wisdom and encouragement left me feeling more inspired and stronger than ever. My morning was definitely nothing short of amazing. I have taken so much with me. Thank you so much for this opportunity of a lifestyle, Nike Women.