WutzWhat Feature: Sociable Entrepreneurs and Creatives in Toronto

Last month, I was contacted by Toronto-based chief executive officer and creative director, Ajani Charles, of "The Ark Media Group Inc." who expressed interest in myself, my blog, my work and my overall work ethic. He found it suitable to connect me with one of  his many clients, WutzWhat, who were looking for talented and social entrepreneurs and creatives in Toronto to interview. Essentially, as a young creative and lifestyle influencer in the city of Toronto, WutzWhat approached me with a pitch to talk about my story; my brand, my projects, upcoming projects and my favourite places to eat. Their willingness to help promote my young and upcoming business was humbling to say the least, and the fact that they truly see potential in me is motivating. I was immediately on board and I couldn't wait to meet the entire team! 

For those who aren't aware, WutzWhat is an app and company that exists to connect people from New York, LA, and Toronto. They're a company of curators, editors, photographers, videographers, brand ambassadors and developers who are committed to making lives easier and urban experiences better. WutzWhat provides a one-stop, easy-to-use service app dedicated to ensuring one gets the most out of the big city life.

With that being said, the entire crew gave me the freedom of choice to pick a location to meet and film as it preferably had to best represent me and my lifestyle. So on Wednesday, I chose BOLT Fresh Bar - one of my favourite spots to eat in the city. I work on the West Queen West strip nearly seven days a week and BOLT has always been my go-to place to escape for lunch ever since it opened a year ago. As a freelance journalist, stylist, creative and mom to a nine-year-old, my life is steadily on the go and BOLT is my preferred "fast food" option. Besides, I'm a little bit of a health nut.

Multimedia reporter, Andrea Banerjee, for WutzWhat took me by surprise as she organized a thorough, research oriented interview on me. She carries such a sweet soul and she integrated such a fun experience for me. I had a blast! I feel extremely honoured and blessed for this opportunity. I didn't think my life and lifestyle could be so inspiring. I'm genuinely overwhelmed. Nonetheless, thank you all for your continued love and support. I am so grateful for you all. I bow down to you. I feel even more inspired and motivated and I couldn't have felt this way without the genuine support from you all. Never did I think after a year of owning my own blog that I would be getting a reaction like this. I'm humbled. I'm shocked. I'm overwhelmed. This doesn't feel real. God is good.

I'm looking forward to sharing this interview with you all when it releases in a few weeks. What you can expect is a little bit about me, what I do, my blog, my interests, my sense of style, my balanced hectic lifestyle, my projects and upcoming projects, being a young mom and much more. Please Stay tuned.

So much love from me to you.