Thrift Find: Authentic Japanese Kimono

At last week's "Walk-In-Closet" event, I scored big by getting ahold of this beautiful authentic Japanese Kimono robe. Trust me, I was in a friendly battle over it with the sweetest complete stranger. After a back and forth stare down over the robe, she kindly pulled it away from the 'hold section' behind the cashier and offered it to me. Oh, the joy and excitement that overcame me! I was thrilled to the point of goose bumps that I immediately jumped up, hugged her and thanked her (at what seemed like) a thousand times. I gave her the last offering, "Are you sure you don't want it? I mean, you found it first. Are you sure?" Seeing how badly I wanted the robe she said, "You are so excited, don't worry about it. Keep it." I hugged her again. Although the robe fit her perfectly, it was about two sizes too big for me and expressed that I have an amazing seamstress and I plan on going through multiple tailored design ideas for the kimono. After all that, she said, "The next time I see you, I hope to see how it looks on you tailored, girl!" God bless her sweet soul. She completed my night that day.

. . .

So here I am, waiting in line to pay. In my head I'm like, "Oh God, this is probably going to cost me a ton. At least $200 or so." I hesitantly asked the cashier how much it was and his response took me by surprise, "Forty dollars." My eyes widened, "What? That's it?" He explained that when pieces are still in the shop week after week, he takes 10% off the item. "Plus, after a while, you get tired of seeing the same item in the shop," he continued. Still holding a dumbfounded face in awe, he mentioned how happy he was that I picked up the Japanese kimono because it's a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece. 

I'm still debating what kind of design I want to go for. I'm not going to change the aesthetic of the kimono, however, I will get it tailored and perhaps shortened with a sexy slit of some sort. I am in absolute love with the velvet/velour detailing on the collar and sleeves. Anywho, when I find out my design choice, you'll be the first to know! I'll be seeing my seamstress soon as I have a load of rare finds I need to get tailored and custom made. 

I can't wait to share! Please keep posted.