'Walk-in-Closet' Thrift Pop-Up Shop at 'A HOMERUN'


Once in a while I like to stray away from fashion boutiques and venture off to cool new hip vintage shops where more times than not, I end up finding amazing bargains and one of a kind pieces. Last week, a girl friend of mine (Loretta), invited me to a thrift pop-up shop in the city's China Town/Kensington Market area called "A HOMERUN" where I was promised music, cupcakes and wine so I trekked my way over there after work. (You didn't have to twist my arm on that one!)

Organizing the event was Singhnature’s Natasha Singh, who runs "Walk-in-Closet," a monthly trunk sale event whose target audience is geared towards like-minded creative Torontonians who have extensive wardrobes they’re looking to purge. For instance, a previous 'closeter'  included Much Music’s veteran, Sarah Taylor.  Toronto Life couldn't have worded the event better:

The sales are more like low-key parties, the goal being to celebrate life and style through clothing and accessories, while finding loving new homes for once-treasured belongings.

Once I heard it was a "Walk-in-Closet" event, I knew I couldn't miss out. Last summer, I attended an event called, "Midnight Market" where Toronto's private shops set up booths in an open-spaced loft area, showcasing and selling their goods while the DJ spun on the ones and twos and the bar was open until the wee hours of the morning. "Walk-in-Closet" and Singhnature’s Natasha Singh was there and I specifically remember picking up a few pieces including an oversized Wilfred wool sweater that I got for $40 as opposed to $250 at Aritzia and I kid you not, it has kept me alive during this treacherous winter. 

This month, we got to walk into Pamela Wong's closet who, according to Toronto Life, describes her as, " a U of T doctoral student, self-proclaimed comic book nut and shopping addict, of course," and she so happens to be heading to the northernmost part of the Earth, the Arctic, to save none other than polar bears! So, it's a no brainer that she had to "offload her quirky collection of looks, which range from Cinderella-pretty ballgowns to funky pre-90s apparel and Star Wars paraphernalia." Believe it or not, there were over 200 items up for grabs with the majority of pieces priced at nothing more than $50 (except for leather goods, of course). 

Although I've only met Pamela at rare occasions for short periods of time through outings with mutual friends, it was nice to see her before her farewell to the polar region of the Arctic. 

All-in-all, the event was a huge hit and it was nice seeing other Torontonians supporting private local shops and events in the city. A Homerun offered an outstanding hospitality, music was provided by Trophy Jones, a young female DJ,  bite sized cupcakes were from Le Dolci bakery and red wine was being served by Pamela Wong herself.

The event ran from Mar. 6-8 at A Homerun (165 Augusta Ave.,).

Oh, and before I forget to tell you, I picked up two pieces that'll surely be my new Spring/Summer 2014 fave items. (Keep a look out for my next post).

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Pamela Wong, everybody!

Pamela Wong, everybody!

 via   Singhnature   

 via Singhnature 

via   Singhnature