Stop looking, wishing and hoping for some other person or outside event to give you a break. Go ahead and give yourself a big break.

The perfect opportunity is not the one that exists only in your fantasies. The perfect opportunity is the one you have right now.

You have the opportunity, on this day, in this place, to do good and valuable things that will move your life forward. You can have the big break you desire by working to make it happen.

If you wait for conditions to be perfect before taking action, all you’ll ever do is wait. Go ahead, with things just as they are, and do all you can.

Accept the fact that it is indeed difficult to move your life and your world forward. When you stop fighting against the difficulties, and simply work your way through, they are not nearly so difficult.

This is the time you have, and this is the time to act. Give yourself a great big positive break today, and feel the joy as your most treasured dreams begin to come to life.