Toronto Mayor Rob Ford braves a harsh Four-Part sit down on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

TORONTO – It's safe to say that Mayor Rob Ford is putting the city of Toronto on the map. Whether it be good news or not, bad publicity is good publicity. So whether you started off hating Ford (as I did), you can't help but love the fella now! After being formally invited to the 86th Academy 'Oscar' Awards in L.A. this past Sunday and being first-handedly chaperoned at the airport by Jimmy Kimmel himself, you gotta give him some sort of kudos. 

Last night, the entire nation was tuned in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! at 11 p.m. as Rob Ford was given three separate segments. Yes, it's safe to say that the late night host didn't waste any time putting the Toronto mayor on the hot seat while roasting him question after question. 

From illegal drug use to homophobia, and from back-to-back videos of him in an 'under the influence' state of mind to speaking Jamaican patois and jamming to Bob Marley in City Hall, Kimmel was oppressively constant with his harsh jabs on the mayor’s behavior over the past year.

Being a Canadian, let alone a Torontonian, I was baffled at how my mayor was being treated on the show. I felt as if he was only invited to get slandered. I mean, upon arrival he was poked fun at about his attire. Yes, it was funny but, give him a break, already! Regardless of Ford's embarrassing actions of the past, he is a human being first and foremost and aside from his tainted past, he has done good for the people and the city of Toronto. It's safe to say that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is not your ordinary mayor. He is a people's person and what mayor in Canada becomes a celebrity over night? Attending the Oscars and the Jimmy Kimmel Show all in a week's time is incredible! Plus, I personally think Ford did a great job at holding up with the jabs.

Toronto, are you telling me you didn't have some sort of pride in seeing your mayor on the red carpet and on Jimmy Kimmel Live? C'mon! Live a little! 

Below is a wrap up of the best questions and answers from Ford’s appearance on the American late night show.

Toronto, we made it!