Closing in my Birthday Week with my 8-Year-Old-Teen


It's Sunday and that's a wrap; I'm officially 25-years-old and I'm closing in my birthday week with none other than my favorite person in the whole entire Universe - my eight-year-old-teen, Elijah. Because I basically celebrated my birthday in New York City just a few days before my actual birth date (June 18), I was completely burnt out and had no appetite to want to do anything on the day of, or weekend of my birthday. I was on a no sleep diet in NYC and it sure did catch up to me once I touched back in Toronto. After a week of straight business and pleasure in New York, followed by a week of straight business in Toronto, I happily ended my birthday shenanigans with the sweetest boy. I trekked back home from work on Sunday to make it on time for my bookstore date and dinner date with my son. I didn't want to keep my date waiting. All-in-all, we made it to the bookstore just moments before closing, and although dinner was on me, it was his choice of where to "take me". Thankfully it wasn't McDonald's or anything fast-food related. I mean, he knows me too well, he would never suggest such a place! Thankfully he said, "Let's go get some Greek food!" followed by, "I'll have the chicken slovaki  (mispronounced it) with lots of white sauce and you can have the vegetarian version to mine!" Now that my friends, is a keeper! During dinner we talked about school, his goals and dreams, his friends and whether he likes anymore girls at school or not, his imaginations, Minecraft and what kind of clothes and shoes he wants next. After dinner we hit up our favorite dessert place closeby, Cafe Mirage, and split a delicious New York style (how fitting) strawberry cheesecake with loads of strawberry sauce! It was a sweet and perfect ending to my birthday and I couldn't have been blessed with a better person to spend it with. I am overwhelmingly blessed beyond words to have reached a quarter century. Thank you, God.