Hottest Sunday and the Coldest Bang Bang Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream

photo 2.JPG

Sunday was quite the scorcher as temperatures hit an above seasonal average for the second day of summer. I, for one, was not complaining as I love the heat. Nevertheless, I came prepared as I rocked minimal, light, colorful clothing as possible. I threw on vintage Levi's shorts, a loose white cotton tank and a thrifted Hawaiian short-sleeve button up shirt (which quickly came off). Being as I have loads of hair, I rocked a high pony for once! Oh, but it was all planned as I already had ice cream on a cone stuck in my head the entire day. Ice cream sticky hair = not a pleased girl.

My friends, let me introduce you to one of the best and unique ice cream shops that recently opened in the city's Ossington strip on Boehmer - Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery - 93 Ossington Ave. to be exact.

From opening day, the shop has been jammed packed almost everyday that it's not raining. I kid you not! You'll often see a crowd of locals lounged in the sun with cones, cups and cookie sandwiches big enough to require a double-handed grip. 

Run by Rosanne Pezzelli, the pastry master behind nearby Bakerbots, and her brother, Arthur, who just happens to make killer ice cream had geniusously collaborated to make insanely sane, out of this world, ice cream sandwich concoctions! You're more than welcome to customize your cookie to your desired ice cream flavor and vise versa. 

I opted for a perfect compromise. I had their Belgium waffle cone with strawberry shortcake ice cream which had their specially baked birthday cake cookie chunks infused in it! I was indeed, one happy cooled down, girl!

Trust me, you gotta go here! Tell 'em I sent ya!