The 8-Year-Old-Teen who Teaches me Everything

Being just 16 years apart from my son, we've managed to balance a unique relationship with one another. We not only serve as mother and son, but we are firmly each other's best friend and sibling. I am him and he is me. Our relationship is filled with respect, understanding and unconditional love. It's safe to say that we are growing up together. Being a parent (regardless of age) is a constant learning experience and challenge; each stage and age is different. My son may be eight and going on nine but he is beyond his years - something like 18 going on 19. He has taught me so much and continues to teach me so much. Finding the balance of being a young mother with my hectic social lifestyle is something I'm still working on finding. Nonetheless, I am thankful for a supportive family who believes in my goals and dreams and my son who completely grasps what I do. He is the epitome of love. Communication is key with your children. They are there to learn from you, much as you're to learn from them. I'll be 25 this month (June 18) and my son will be nine at the end of August (28) - it's a massive milestone year filled with challenges. sacrifices, accomplishments, and where goals and dreams are being met. It's a year of growth and independence. A year where my son/best friend/brother and I take a leap of faith and make a successful life for ourselves. I'm nervous, excited and ready. This is something we both need. A step outside of our comfort zones. It's still quite the ways there but I'm on my way to taking us there. I no longer live for myself, I live for him, I live for us and I feel confident because I know God has got us. I can feel his presence and it's comforting and uplifting. There have been many trials, errors and successes. I'm on my way, we're on our way.