Meets with 1LOVETO - Joining the LOVE

If you know me, you'll know that I'm a people person. I love people, I love meeting people, I love getting to know people, I love being social, I love conversations, I enjoy random conversations, I love asking questions and I love interacting with various people from various creative outlets in and around the city that birthed and continues to grow me  Toronto. With that being said, I've recently met with 1LOVETO's creative director, Bryan Brock, who respectfully reached out and expressed that he recognized my hustle in the city and would like to work together. Instantly, I was honoured and humbled and in slight awe as it took me by surprise. Since then, we've started weekly brainstorming meeting sessions to discuss a few creative ideas that will benefit and generate stimulating content and events for viewer's satisfaction, because heck, in the end we're all doing what we love for our city; we rep what we do and what we're all about via our social media outlets through the lens of our city. We are our city, we are "the 6". Luckily enough, or should I say, blessed enough, I'm proud to announce being apart of 1LOVETO. I'll be able to utilize my journalism skills, styling skills, and contribution to various projects given. I will gladly take you on many fashion, lifestyle and cultural adventures and also treat you to some serious hidden grub spots in the city. I'll even chat and interview various individuals for further inside scoops. You will begin to take notice of my blog posts via 1LOVETO's website, and even see me out and about at various events being held in and around the city via my Instagram account. Follow me as I get the opportunities to see the nitty gritty and nooks and crannies of my city on a whole new level and a whole new found respect. I'm looking forward to sharing what 1LOVETO and myself have in store. It'll be fun! Come with! I promise I won't bore ya!