NTC Live Workout & NIKE Pro Bra Fitting

On Thursday, I snuck time out of my busy schedule to attend Nike Training Club's live workout session. Being that the NTC Pop-Up Studio in Toronto is nearing its course at the end of August, I made sure to attend as many times as I could. Besides, my daily routine workouts are quite lonely and sometimes hard for motivation;  it consists of having the gym to myself between the hours of 10 p.m. until midnight. I was craving more for my workouts and importantly, I was missing human interactions. The NTC live workout classes are ideal! They're challenging, encouraging and rewarding. 

Prior to starting the NTC Live workout class, I paid a visit to the upper level of the studio space to get my bra fitting for the night's high intensity workout with Nike's trusty professionals. After testing out all five Nike Pro Bra styles, I settled for the Nike Pro "Fierce" Bra.

It was the perfect choice for a high interval workout as the lightweight Nike Pro Fierce Bra offers medium-to-high support through a blend of compression and part-molded construction. 

Being that I attending the latest class on a chilly, overcast, summer evening, the class was small yet mighty to say the least. We conquered a full-body 60-minute workout (with minimal rests periods), geared toward strengthening and cardio courtesy of Academy of Lions instructor, Jenn Thomson.

The NTC live class is accurate as it's based off the popular Nike Training Club app, and features the app’s workouts in a respectable group setting. This allows those (like myself) who have and utilize the app to get a real life experience with actual instructors as opposed to digital form. It's interactive, fun, encouraging, motivating and downright rewarding!

By the end of it all, you feel accomplished, and you're left with your perfect sports bra size and a kind, hand-written letter by the amazing ladies at NTC with encouraging words to JUST DO IT!