Nike loves BBGRL & BBGRL loves Nike

I had the pleasure of working from home a few days ago. This doesn't happen often as I'm constantly in and around the city but on a Wednesday afternoon while doing work in my dining room, rocking last night's pyjamas and  taking heaping spoonfuls of my oatmeal, a booming knock came through my door which left me to aggressively jump. Upon hesitantly opening my door, I was greeted with a massive box courtesy of Nike Canada. I was in awe as it came as a genuine surprise. 

Tearing open the box, I was speechless. I was given an entire Nike outfit with the sweetest note attached to my shoe box, courtesy of Nike Canada and High Road Communications. 

Christina, We’re so happy to have you join our NTC crew. Here’s a treat from our summer sportswear collection, in stores until the end of September. Can’t wait to see you rock them! — Claire + Danielle

Gifted to me are the Nike Air Revolution Sky Hi sneakers, Nike Run Lunar shirt, and Nike Leg-A-See Stirrup Women's Leggings

I'm honored and very appreciative and blessed to be apart of the Nike Training Club crew. This is crew love right here.