[VIDEO] 25-Minute Sneak Pique - 100 Local Artists and Creatives

Meet Toronto. PIQUE is a project focusing on profiling 100 Toronto youth artists including visual artists, dancers, poets, fashion designers, skaters, bmxers, and more. The project plays with the idea of short attention spans by shooting short videos (15 seconds or less) of the artists showcasing their talent.

For those of you who came out to the Sneak Pique event on August 15th at the  RED BULL HQ (381 Queen St. West), I would like to extend a genuine thank you for supporting and showing love to Toronto's young artists and creatives. It was overwhelming to see the space reach capacity before 11 p.m. I bow down to the brain behind it all, Imad. His selfless heart gave a voice to the inspiring creative youth in the city and he's beginning to make it heard. Being interviewed and featured in media outlets such as CBC and more, he's definitely doing something right and his hard work is clearly going unnoticed. I was blessed enough to be granted a spot as one of the 100 featured creatives. Thank you to those who came through and to those who unfortunately waited hours in line and weren't able to get in. I am so appreciative and so blessed. Thank you. Also, be on a lookout as Pique Toronto will be scouting more applicants in the near future. So far, so good Toronto. Let's keep building, growing, and creating magic together!