Thank You Notable, for Sharing my Son and I with your Devoted Followers and Readers

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I would like to extend a more formal appreciation to the good people over at Notable and friend, Jaclyn Genovese for the lovely feature on my son and I on their recent article showcasing how, "Young Professional Moms have Conquered the Fashion Game." Featured alongside other amazing and fashion-forward mothers and their beautiful fashionable children, it was a genuine honor to be apart of such a motivating group of influencers whom I also look up to in the city. 

In this article, you get a glimpse of my son and I, and how today's fashion and trends have influenced my now 9-year-old's sense of style. 

Part of why I'm so in-tuned and infatuated with men's fashion is because I birthed a son. The fact that my son and I are only 16 years apart puts so much pressure in being a role model aside from just being a parent. It has a lot to do with being a role model as an "older sibling" and "best friend" so to speak. Being in the fashion, media and lifestyle field, I want to be able to put him onto what's hot and keep him ahead of the game. Part of my job as a journalist is to keep people informed about relevant topics and it just so happens that fashion and style comes natural so it only makes sense to keep my little guy in the know. Thankfully enough, he organically has an interest in style and "swag" so it only makes getting him dressed every morning easier. Although my sense of style and his sense of style may differ in some areas, it's important for me to understand where the younger generation is coming from because they are the trendsetters, they are what's hot, they are the ones eventually putting us "on". Finding the mesh between street style and high fashion is becoming the norm and although my 9-year-old is beginning to take notice just from being exposed to so much culture on the school yards, day camps, and via social media outlets, I've also heightened his understanding in a more tangible way. As mentioned in the article, I purchased Hypebeast magazine's "Legacy Issue" and gifted my son with it; which allowed him to touch and feel the pages of the magazine as he looked through photos, read through articles and absorbed the content which consisted of lifestyle brands, and not to mention a chunk of sports related reads and images (including Michael Jordan, of course). This is a legendary magazine issue which he can grow with and look back on as fashion and style continues to evolve. 

Thank you again Notablefor sharing my son and I to your devoted followers and readers. It means loads!