Feature Interview with WutzWhat

As a freelance journalist who typically sits as the interviewer as opposed to the interviewee was put on the hot seat by WutzWhat as they pulled a 180° on me to do a feature story about social entrepreneurs and creatives in Toronto. I'm honoured and in awe to be categorized and recognized as such - it's truly humbling. WutzWhat dove into my life and allowed me to share a glimpse of what I do and what my hectic schedule consists of as a multifaceted individual.

The talented writer, stylist and mom has managed to turn her interests in art, fashion, style and entertainment into a viable career that challenges and inspires her. After meeting her in person, it’s obvious: this girl thrives in the world of freelance, travel, event reporting and brand ambassadorship that many of Toronto’s young creatives find themselves happily swept away in.

I agreed to do this interview with WutzWhat because it's a brand that believes in connecting individuals from core cities in North America to band together in appreciating, sharing and experiencing culture and lifestyle through various notable individuals and outlets. I'm such a huge people person that I couldn't say no to a brand that speaks to mine. Essentially, WutzWhat is an app and company that exists to connect people from New York, LA, and Toronto. They're a company of curators, editors, photographers, videographers, brand ambassadors and developers who are committed to making lives easier and urban experiences better.

It takes a big voice to stand out among Toronto’s community of creatives — and a lot of talent, drive and long hours to turn your passion into a vocation. Couple that with being a young parent, and you can imagine how hard someone like Christina Cheng works.

As for myself, I chose to tell my story at one of my favourite go-to lunch spots, Bolt Fresh Bar - a vegetarian friendly joint in Toronto's West Queen West district. Now, I wouldn't say I'm a vegetarian but I am a little bit of a health freak. 

Get to know more about me. Read and watch my interview here. I hope you enjoy and I hope to work and connect with many of you soon! xoxo

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