Surprise Delivery: Nike+ Run Club Kit

Photo courtesy of  @ChristinaGCheng  via  Instagram .

Photo courtesy of @ChristinaGCheng via Instagram.

On Friday, March 6, I received a notification whilst at work that a beautiful package in a transparent box had arrived for me, courtesy of Nike. When I saw it, I was in awe. Nike always ceases to amazing me. I don't think I can ever get use to their kind gestures. I am forever appreciative. 

With that being said, as some of you may (or may not) know, I've wholeheartedly decided to join the Nike Women's 15K Toronto Race this coming June 14. With the support of my fellow Nike Running and Nike Women communities, I feel more and more confident and strong on a physical and mental level. 

As an added boost of motivation to encourage me to keep pushing my boundaries during every step of my journey, Nike had created a Nike Women's 15K Race capsule, where my favourite items and keepsakes can live. Included in this kit is the latest spring 2015 apparel and footwear.

Photo courtesy of  @ChristinaGCheng  via  Instagram .

Photo courtesy of @ChristinaGCheng via Instagram.

A race is a work of art that people can look at and be affected in as many ways they’re capable of understanding. - Steve Prefontaine

On Sunday, March 8, I was invited to celebrate the re-launch of the Nike+ Run Club at the MaRS Discovery District, which included details on Nike+ services, the changes to the Nike+ Run Club and updates on the Nike Women’s 15k Toronto, including the Zoom mile and race registration details. As an added bonus, a local 5K run at Queen's Park was open to hundreds of Torontonians hoping to partake in the upcoming 15K. The run was made to kick off our running journey to June 14 by clocking in our personal time, which leaves plenty of room for improvement before race date.  

Let's aim to go further, faster, for longer together. 

Photo courtesy of   @ChristinaGCheng   via   Instagram  .

Photo courtesy of @ChristinaGCheng via Instagram.