NIKE Powers Women To Be #BetterForit

On Sunday, April 12, Nike launched the new women’s initiative called #BetterForIt, which aims to inspire and empower women to be active, take on new challenges and conquer personal goals. 

As part of Nike’s commitment to women and their athletic journeys, #betterforit reminds women that training is a process, not a seconds-long sprint or a solitary moment of victory. Whether it’s a 5K weekend run or training for the upcoming Nike Women’s 15K in Toronto, it takes hard work, commitment and motivation for women to reach their fitness goals. But, because of this training journey, they will come out better on the other side. They will be #betterforit.

#BetterForIt is more than just a hashtag. It’s a call to action to share, promote and embrace women’s fitness and sports. With this rallying cry, Nike invites a global community of athletes to push themselves further.  #BetterForIt offers athletes collective inspiration to reach new heights and a place to share their experiences together.

The campaign is headlined by a series of short films debuting on April 12. The initiative harnesses the bold voice of women today and addresses the dynamic world of sport and fitness with a lighthearted tone and humor. #BetterForIt encourages female athletes around the world to share their personal #betterforit missions. The 60-second anthem spot debuted on the MTV VMAs in the US on April 12, and was directed by Matthew Frost, edited by Angus Wall and produced by Wieden + Kennedy.

Named for the Greek goddess of victory, Nike has a 40+ year history of serving and innovating for female athletes, developing products and services tailored specifically for what women want and need. 

Connecting to a global community of female athletes, #betterforit stands out as Nike’s largest initiative to support and motivate a women’s athletic journey.

Nike Women’s event series makes a stop here in Toronto this summer. To learn more, visit: