Nike Women's 15K Toronto 10-Week Training Program

The Nike Women's 15K Toronto is fast approaching and Nike Canada had assigned a 10-week training program to prep the participating runner's for the big day on June 14! I was recently contacted by Nike Canada's communications and marketing team to join the #BetterForIt run club every Monday morning's to add an extra day of running into my schedule. This exclusive run club includes: a personal Nike running pacer, and physio experts to talk about a handful of topics – covering points around stretching, muscle recovery and physio tips to keep our training on track. Ever since receiving my 10-week training calendar, I've attempted to fill as many days possible with either a run and/or N+TC full body workouts with as minimal rest days as possible. So far, I've managed to balance running and muscle training with the help of both the Nike Running and Nike Training apps. I'm determined to reach my personal best and become better for it along the way. Below are a few photos of my progression post runs and workouts.  I still have some ways to go until race day. Please continue to send on positive, motivating vibes. Cheer me on, I need your energy!