Birthday Hair at Good Day Hairshop

Photo credit: Jesse Milns

Photo credit: Jesse Milns

Being that I consider myself a girly-girl-tomboy due to my overall personal style and lifestyle, you'd be surprised that I'm not the best with my hair. Some may argue and say that's a lie because apparently my hair is always, "on point," but trust me it's not. I've been a blonde head for just over two years now and I don't do much to upkeep my hair. Actually, I don't do anything at all! I really should because I see myself being blonde for... perhaps forever. Its become "my look". You know how Beyoncé and JLo have "a look" where they've both been honey blonde for as long as we can remember? Yeah, it's like that. Anyway, supposedly you're supposed to get a trim and colour/roots touchup every three months or so but realistically, I go about two or three times a year (I'll allow you to do the math). This time around, I've waited way too long and my roots had completely grown out, it also doesn't help that my hair grows crazy fast. All-in-all, it was time to get my hurr did and I chose to treat myself on the day of my birthday (June 18). The question was, where? 

For a few months I've been hearing about Good Day Hairshop in Kensington Market. I kid you not, for a solid amount of time it had come up in conversations or I'd ponder on it by fluke via social media channels. And of course, with the way the universe works, I received a follow from them via Instagram; and by nature I creeped, liked a load of photos, and followed back. I was immediately digging their overall online aesthetic, and I'm a gal all about aesthetic. Shortly after, I realized two friends of mine, Alyssa and Meghan, had both gotten their hair done there. It was promising, I was sold. As an added bonus, both Alyssa and Meghan are two of the most influential social media and blogger guru's I know (click their names for their IGs). Best believe I'm going to give them a shout out! Check out: and

Photo cred: Jesse Milns

Photo cred: Jesse Milns

Upon entrance, I fell in love. No, let me start over... I arrived a few minutes before open and stood outside the shop and admired the white on white exterior, the cheeky garage door, and the windows on the cheeky garage door. The vibes were already good. Now once I entered, I was intrigued... My eyes widened and I couldn't stop looking up and down, and around the entire space. It was beautiful, artsy, modern, cool, stylish, minimal, and I could go on. There was a wall with shelves filled with interesting knick knacks - I couldn't stop staring. I mean, when a hair salon meets your aesthetic, you know you're at the right place. It felt good to be understood before even meeting my hairstylist. The overall space reassured me. I immediately whipped out my phone and started snapping photos and Snapchat videos to share with my followers. I was so excited! I was immediately greeted by Tegan Mierle, co-owner of the shop and talented graphic designer. Her and I began talking and it turns out she has been following me via Instagram as well. Good energy just kept flowing throughout the shop!

Furthermore, Tegan and Jonathon Burford are co-owners of Good Day Hairshop, and both have backgrounds in tech, design and fashion. Clearly, it's a no-brainer to see why their space at 32 St. Andrew Street in Kensington Market looks so cool. Formerly Shampoo Hair Studio, the salon now boasts a black-and-white, minimalist aesthetic, all pulled together by a custom checkerboard floor designed and painted by Tegan. Both owner's main focus is on bringing their own and their client's online inspiration to life. What bloggers and vloggers do is what sets the tone at Good Day, and what fills their Instagram feed. Good Day is known for their budget-conscious prices and a full range of services including colour work such as: ombrés, balayages, pastels/brights and blondes. 

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I was lucky enough to score hairstylist, Gosia who did a phenomenal job with my hair. It was a long yet pleasant three-hour process with a full head of highlights, trim and style. She definitely contributed to making my 26th birthday a good one! Actually, the entire staff did! Every birthday, you best believe where I'll be getting my hair done!

Despite only being open for under a year, Good Day Hairshop is Kensington's modern salon and barbershop that's high end and alternative, with a natural sense of street style-influenced hair (and vibe). 

Book your appointments online here, or give them a call, 416-542-9455. Better yet, check out their full service online, Tell 'em I sent ya and perhaps I'll see you there!