Her Majesty's Pleasure - Birthday Treat

Her Majesty’s Pleasure is a beautiful mix of sensory experiences in the heart of King West Village. Its atmosphere and aesthetic (I'm all about aesthetic) is enchanting to say the least; and it's equal parts spa, salon, café, boutique, and bar! Her Majesty’s Pleasure is unique to the city and offers a vibrant social atmosphere, with a wicked mix of tunes. I've heard nothing but amazing things and was recommended to go multiple times by multiple people. So I thought it'd be fitting to treat myself for my birthday weekend. Let's just say I was the last to leave.  Here's how it went down... 

I started with a triple shot of Hennessy on the rocks (my favourite). Shortly after, I chose my nail colour of choice and  got my nails done at the marble manicure bar, adjacent from the marble liquor bar (dangerous). I was served two other triple shot of Hennessy's on the rocks during this time. After feeling a tad wavy while waiting for my nails to dry I moved onto the reclining Muskoka-inspired chair for a pedicure. It had a feng shui like energy to it. Don't get it twisted, I wasn't quiet the entire time! I was talking up a storm to both the manicurist and pedicurist, and occasionally to a few ladies next to me. I was tipsy, happy, relaxed, and excited about life. I was good. I had a permanent grin on my face. (I kid you not, my cheeks were sore the next morning!)

By the time my pedicure was complete, I had to wait for my toes to dry. By this time, I was on my fourth triple shot of Hennessy on the rocks. The spa had closed but the bar remained open. I conversed with both the bartenders (one female and one male) for about a solid hour and they joined me on a complimentary special birthday cocktail (made with Hennessy). I had the best time of my life! I thoroughly enjoyed my own company and spoiled myself rotten! I guess if you're going to celebrate your day, there's no better place than at Her Majesty’s Pleasure! The service and energy is outstanding!

Aside from manicures and pedicures, Her Majesty’s Pleasure also offers blowdry services and facials while sipping on a fresh-squeezed juice, champagne, French delight, specialty coffee, or signature cocktail. There truly is something for everyone at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.  In addition, they occupy the base of the Fashion House on King Street West, which entail explains the interiors of Her Majesty’s Pleasure. It's modern, elegant and contemporary. The clean crisp lines, white walls, floor to ceiling windows, French doors, marble counters and floors, hints of copper tiles, and regal-like knick knacks and portraits won me over. I immediately fell in love with the space.

Please, do yourselves a favour and treat yourself. Book your appointment here and tell them I sent you!