Nike Women's Shake-Out Run & Media Brunch

On Saturday, June 13, Nike Women's media community gathered for their last run together before their big 15K race on the following morning. Their trusty itinerary suggested a Shake-Out Run for 9:30 a.m. where they met and departed from the Nike Loft. Leading the run was Nike+ Running Global Head Coach, Chris Bennett;  along with Nike+ Running Toronto Head Coach, Rejean Chiasson; and a supportive handful of Nike+ Running Pacers. In addition, Canadian triathlete, Paula Findlay, also joined the shake-out run. 

After a solid three days of Nike+ Training Club workouts and Speed Runs at the Nike Women's Pavilion, a nice and easy shake-out run was much needed pre race day. The pace was nice and easy, the route was short, sweet, and scenic, and the energy as a whole was beautiful. The crew shared a sense of unity and family as they ran in unison. The anticipation and adrenaline for race day during the shake-out run was at an all time high. The energy didn't lie. They were eager and ready.

Yes, together we are faster and stronger and we can go farther and dig deeper... No doubt we are better runners when we run together... But we’re also just better when we are together. Better. Period. Full stop. - Coach Bennett

Post shake-out run, the Nike Women media crew were treated to a surprise brunch at the Trump Toronto Hotel's American Restaurant  on the 31st floor where they enjoyed a three-course meal alongside their running coaches and pacers, and fellow olympians and athletes who would be running the Nike Women's 15K race with them. The athletes include: Paula Findlay, Canadian Triathlete; Marlen Esparza, American Professional Female Boxer; Spencer O'Brien, Professional Snowboarder; Sarah Reinertsen, Paralympian and Triathlete; and Lakey Peterson, Professional Surfer. 

Words of encouragement, wisdom, informative tips and pointers; and many smiles, laughter, happy stomachs, and positive vibes filled the space. The ladies were feeling good, antsy and ready for race day!