Impromptu Photoshoot: Kit and Ace & Oak + Fort

It's a rarity that I ever have weekends off. On this particular Sunday, I didn't care to brush my hair or put on a sprinkle of make up. I motivated myself to get up, go for a stroll, and attempt to be productive (whatever that meant on my day off). I grabbed my usual Tall Blonde with two pumps of white mocha and a dash of vanilla powder from Starbucks (how I take my coffee, FYI). Soon after, I found myself on Queen St. West. It was 'brunch' hour and the sun was warm but the breeze was cool. I was sweating one minute and had goosebumps the next minute. I fell into cold sweats and felt utterly disgusting. I popped into Oak + Fort in desperate need to get out of whatever I was wearing. I found an olive forest green long-sleeve cotton shirt in the men's section. I tried it on, bought it, and wore it as a dress with my dirty Comme des Garçons sneakers. I kept on strolling west and pondered into Kit and Ace. I had no clue a friend worked there. He goes by SEUNXa Toronto based creative whose specialty is in photography and art direction. Toward the back of the shop, there was a cute outdoor courtyard with the cleanest aesthetic and a variety of desert plants. I was home. I instantly channelled my inner Poison Ivy. Of course, Seun went to town with the photos. It became an impromptu photoshoot at Kit and Ace with my new Oak + Fort shirt/dress. 

New: Kit and Ace on Bloor St. West