#TCCChallenges: 'Liberation'

As part of The Creator Class challenge (#TCCChallenges), LeSean Harris and I teamed up and utilized our multifaceted skills by collaborating on creative and art direction through visual storytelling.

LeSean has a passion for sharing impactful stories through motion picture, and myself, through multimedia storytelling and wardrobe styling.

Through both our respective storytelling skill sets, we essentially look to focus on issues and trends that impact society. With that being said, we welcome our video,  entitled — “Liberation.”

We are currently living in a moment in fashion (and lifestyle) where designers are challenging gender roles — Gender specific clothing is out and androgyny is in.

My infatuation with men's clothing is intimately infused with my passion for men's styling, along with my love for storytelling. It was only organic to go with an androgynous approach.

For some, this raises a sensitive topic of belonging through day-to-day challenges. There’s a stigma associated with the term ‘androgyny’ or ‘androgynous’, but for others, it’s a form of liberation.

“When I shaved my head, I became a conquest for boys. Boys who thought I was gay but wanted to ‘make’ me straight or see if I was straight. There was a test and challenge introduced…" said Marisa Desimone, featured muse.

"Because of that (the outside world’s view of me), it made me question and start a conversation with myself about what sexuality and gender meant to me.”

"Growing up a ballerina, I'm sure people from my childhood wouldn't imagine I dress and look the way I do now. There is a stereotype for everything but people have their personal reasons too," she said.

"To me it makes sense... I dress baggy and want to be comfortable because as a ballerina, the warmth of being and staying cozy was essential between performances."  

“I feel beautiful this way, no one questions someone’s manliness when they have long hair… I think what I take away from all this is that everyone has their own normal; I am my version of a girl, I am my own version of a boy too I’ve come to realize… Most importantly, I am me with the way I present myself — from head to toe.”

Created by: LeSean Harris + Christina G. Cheng
Featuring/Muse: Marisa Desimone
Clothing c/o: Nomad Toronto
Full video: Vimeo

Look #1: 
Damir Doma - Jami Tunic Wrap Jacket Coal
OAMC - Underlaying Tee White/White
Arc’teryx Veilance - Apparat Pant Black

Look #2: 
Engineered Garments - Nyco Poplin Type 51 Parka Olive
Fear of God - Inside Out Terry Crewneck Sweater Heather Grey
OAMC - Traditional Shirt White/Black
3.1 Phillip Lim - Knit Cuff Quilted Cargo Pant Fatigue Green