Now Delivers to Canada

Nike now delivers to Canada! Finally. Not only is this exciting news, it's a massive deal and it comes as a huge relief for loyal Canadians of the global sportswear brand. I mean, we no longer have to reach out to our family members and friends overseas to get our hands on exclusive products, collections and one-of-a-kind sneakers. Independence never felt so good. 

From here on in, Canadians will have access to a far greater assortment of products 24/7, 365 days a year; including exclusive collections, more colour choices and NikeiD services, enabling Canadians to get access to the best gear and innovations just in time for the holiday season and cold weather training. 

Now, if that wasn't juicy enough, check this out... Nike Canada's online inventory will be sourced from Nike’s European collection, meaning Canadians will get an opportunity to acquire models and colourways that may not be available in the U.S. How does that saying go again? Oh yes, "Good things come to those who wait."

Coinciding with Nike's delivery to Canada comes Nike's latest #GETOUTHERE campaign which challenges athletes to stay active and train during the winter season in the appropriate gear. With Nike Canada's online shop, purchasing the latest cold weather innovations including the Therma-Sphere MaxAeroReact and Hyperwarm, gives Canadians zero excuse not to get out there! According to Coach Inge, Toronto's Nike+ Run Club coach, she says, "Winter training makes champions!"

Good news doesn't end there... NikeiD is also accessible to Canadians! This has been a long awaited time for Canadian sneakerheads. NikeiD was originally launched in 1996 at a secret boutique on 55 Elizabeth St. in Manhattan, which was closed to the public. Your only in was through an invitation card to get a sneak peak at new innovations and designs. Without a doubt, the hype grew and the sneaker culture became a thing. Raffling tickets for invites and access to special edition shoes became the end result. However, today, 28 different countries including Canada, have access to NikeiD’s online design hub, which allows the consumer to design and personalize a number of different models from scratch. 

Luckily enough, I was invited as one of the first Canadians to design and craft my own sneaker at the Toronto Nike Loft. The upper level of the Loft space has been converted into a NikeiD lab, where one can schedule their own one-on-one appointment and be personally guided through the personalization process. 

In about four to six weeks, I'll be able to reveal what sneaker I chose to personally design. Hint: it's a classic! 

Make your holiday shopping and wish list easy with Nike Canada's online shop. While you're at it, you may as well customize your own NikeiD sneakers here.