Final Stretch - Nike Women's 15K Toronto Course Reveal Video

This past Monday was a day filled with emotion (no tears were shed, just loads of love, excitement, and nerves). It was the last Monday morning with my #BetterForIt run crew before our Nike Women's 15K race on Sunday, June 14. It was a bittersweet feeling as we've become so accustom to starting our Monday morning's strong with one another for the past 10 weeks. It has been a solid 10 weeks of training alongside each other through literally thick and thin. Rain, shine, cold, heat, hills, sprints, and ice baths. It has been a great sight to witness us all growing stronger, lasting longer, and pushing farther together in unison. My personal road to 15K was such a pleasure and was made possible because of each and every one of them. So much love, support, strength and positivity was shared. In addition, we all couldn't have done it without the constant motivation and inspiration from our personal Nike run pacer, Paulina, through our journey. Every female involved, including the entire Nike Running Canada and Nike Training Club community is truly appreciated and I feel genuinely blessed to have been apart of it all. Every single person I've met has made my heart beat faster and stronger for all the right reasons.

As an added bonus to an eventful and emotional Monday, the Nike Women's 15K Toronto course was revealed via video. The video takes you on a tour of the  race route including the Island City Airport, Algonquin Island and along the boardwalk. The video also gives you a sneak peak at the incredible backdrops each runner will experience on their run on Sunday, June 14, 2015. I kid you not, my nerves heightened, my heart was beating faster, and by the end of it my eyes slightly watered. The adrenaline just watching it was so real! It has been a long and rewarding journey. I wouldn't be surprised if I shed tears at the finish line. It will certainly be a humbling proud moment of accomplishment.

See you all at the finish line. We got this, Toronto! We're all in this to be #BetterForIt! I'm proud of us all!