The "Free Agency" Experience

On Tuesday, I had the honor of meeting two of Free Agency's sweethearts — Leeor Wild (creative director) and Dani Roche (direction & design; editor at MTV FORA). Being a loyal follower via social media of these two babes, I was quick to hop on the 'free agent' wave (since March 2014) as it immediately caught my attention. Being an extreme leftwing thinker in the media and creative field, I was instantly intrigued and hooked. A group of people out there actually get me. Thank heavens!

Upon chatting, I was given a tour of the open concept studio/office space with brief yet detailed descriptions as to who's who, what space is used for what; and humbly met Free Agency'founder, Chris Unwin, who immediately made a cheeky comment that yes, we are indeed, "Internet friends!"

I was (undercover) giddy, overwhelmed and proud to see a group of young professional creative Torontonians under one roof, working alongside one another. It was an instant feel good feeling.

For those who aren't aware of Free Agency, they are a network-powered content studio that develops content proprieties with likeminded creators and brands to push content creativity across all platforms. Basically, they are a creative agency that makes magic happen with other creatives. 

Check out their 'work as it happens' here.