Vintage Jersey (made) Dress and a little Attitude on a Saturday

After styling a few clients over at Spectacle on Saturday, I met up with a few friends to hang at a friend's renovated house close by in the city where a beautiful upstairs finished living space patio was built. The view of the CN Tower was evident as I laid out and watched the sun set on a mild night. Food, music, cocktails and an aroma of that green herb went around. Prior to this magical evening was the waiting game, hence the photos of me sitting on a curb, with a sour face and impatiently looking at my watch. The highlight during that period was that it was about 7:30 p.m. and the sun was still out and beaming on my skin. A friend of mine snapped a few photos of me clearly looking like I'm about to fight somebody in the process.

I also got lazy with putting an outfit together that day so this was the result: A thrifted vintage Chicago jersey gifted to me by F as in Frank and Frankie Collective (that I wore as a dress), White on white Nike Dunk Sky Hi, Retro Super Future "Francis" frames (from Spectacle), Mifland Brand Standard Rucksack backpack, Dime Piece LA hat, and a messy high ponytail. Tada!