PIQUE Toronto for Bell Fibe's Video-On-Demand - We made it!

I've recently heard word from creative director, producer, founder and now friend of PIQUE Toronto -- Imad Elsheik -- that producers at Bell Media also saw potential in Toronto's young creatives and agreed to hop on and feature each 100 young Torontonian's story on Bell Fibe's Video-On-Demand store the weekend of October 11th.

I am genuinely appreciative and blessed to have Imad and a group of like-minded individuals see potential in me and organically  grasp exactly what I do, who I am, what I'm about and where I'm going. Building a strong support system within a community of young professionals and achievers is so vital in today's day and age. Working together, collaborating together, and building magic together is something that's still lacking in Toronto. Achieving goals and dreams together is a beautiful thing and I'm all fore it!

I am a journalist, stylist, social media junkie, and creative contributor to various lifestyle brands and media outlets. Being versatile allows me to utilize my journalism background and multi-platform skills when telling stories through online, print, broadcast media or visual images via social media platforms. Working alongside like-minded people on practical hands-on projects on a timely and relevant matter is also my forte. Producing something tangible with other creatives whilst telling a story is much more meaningful and has longevity to it; all while building a strong and genuine rapport with others. I am your modernized journalist. I am a left wing thinker and I get down and creatively dirty with you to fully grasp a story and make magic happen. I am on your side, always. I am a one-stop shop for your creative, lifestyle and media needs. Utilize me. 

Through PIQUE Toronto, I've met beautiful, genuine, creative minds and people. I now call a few of them my friends. Through this community outlet, I'm now working on a few collaborative projects with local leather designers, jewellery designers, men's accessory designers, photographers, videographers and graphic designers.

I feel humbled that they all approached me to help them make magic happen  through my design and aesthetics -- especially a female who's so in tuned with men's fashion and publications.

Bell Media's team created a poster for each episode on each Toronto creative. This is mine. Catch me on the third episode featured on Bell Fibe's Video-On-Demand the weekend of October 11th. 

Thank you all so much for your continuous support and interest in my journey. I promise I won't disappoint. I owe it to you all. I bow down.