Upcoming feature with Flare Magazine

We've heard it countless times before that, timing is everything, and in all honesty it is and it works in mysterious ways. Take my upcoming feature with Flare Magazine for instance... I remember wanting to intern for Flare throughout my high school and university years but due to its competitive, high demand and cutthroat position — I was never accepted despite consecutive years of applying. Needless to say, fast forward to a whopping 10 years later (gosh, I'm getting old), Flare Magazine's Fashion and Beauty Editor had recently contacted me to be featured in their April 2016 issue as part of their Localist Insider page. I mean, I went from not being able to get in to being offered to be in. I'm telling you... Timing... If most deserving. 

What can you expect from my story in the Localist Insider page? Well, a little tidbit about myself as a media influencer, my favourite spots in and around the general vicinity of the east end of the city, and my creative home away from home at East Room.

Photos shared are a few post shoot teasers. I had an amazing team that day, including photographer, Jenna Wakani and Ivy Lam who worked magic on my hair & make up. I'm nervous yet excited to see my feature when Flare's April issue hits the stands! Will you scoop up a copy (or two)? ;)