VANS: #SummerSixteen was all a Dream

If your summer was anything like mine then you'd agree — it was all a dream. I could’ve sworn summer had just started — don’t you? Despite Toronto’s month-long heatwave, which had everyone in the city thinking it was never going to end, summer still flew by with a blink of an eye. 

Now that we’re gearing towards the tail end of the summer months, you could feel the air thinning.. slowly yet surely. Just the other morning, the air was crisp — it was quite the nostalgic temperature — something like the first day of school, which essentially meant the unofficial first day of fall. That’s a scary thing for a summer baby like myself.

At this point, I’d do almost anything to prolong summer. Thankfully Union Jack Boots and VANS came to my aid with the summer Canvas Old Skool skate shoe in Skyway and Blanc de Blanc. If you looked up at the sky on a perfect summer’s day, this colourway mimics it to a T. It was meant to be mine!

I decided to style the classic skate shoe silhouette in three various looks that best represents me: a girly-girl-tomboy. For the first look, I played off the shoe’s light and airy aesthetic with pastel accents and feather details. Inspiration? Cotton candy of course — duh! Pairing it with chambray boyfriend shorts, a white boyfriend button down, and a translucent raincoat; this look is sweet, stylish, comfortable, and badass. My braided locks says it all. 

For the second look, I took the "#SummerSixteen was all a Dream" concept very literal. Floating amid the clouds, here I am in what seems like heaven, watching my summer fly by from below me. Inspired by VANS' Skyway and Blanc de Blanc colourway, I paired the Canvas Old Skool skate shoe with a sky blue tutu that I designed, along with a plain white tee and high-knee Nike socks. 

With a few quick in-and-out flights this summer, I could almost say I'm a professional cloud surfer (pun intended to photo). It has definitely been a balance of business and pleasure. This look is playful, dreamy, and delusional. Besides, setting up this set design was nothing but a fairytale... and yes, that's my cloud baby. 

Sometimes being a girly-girl-tomboy means high fashion. Well, at least I think so. For the third look, I go a little less badass and a little less girly for a more risqué womanly approach. This summer has been a whirlwind with clients and work related events — from conservative to contemporary, this is my balanced approach. 

I decided to pair the VANS Canvas Old Skool skate shoe in Skyway and Blanc de Blanc with a white lace bra underlay, long chambray vest, and a 70's inspired wide-leg trouser in white. The red lip brings a pop of attitude — and I mean business!

Despite #SummerSixteen being all a dream, I hustled in a fashionable comfortable manner. Thank you, VANS! 

Studio: Oryx Agency
Photographer/Art Director: Hope Little
Creative Director: Kacper Larski
Production Assistant: Ariane Laezza
Wardrobe: Convey & Smoke + Ash
Shoes: VANS c/o Union Jack Boots
Hair: Victoria Hunter of The White House Inc.