Interview: Joseph Mimran chats about brand and future of label, Joe Fresh

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TORONTO – Global News caught up backstage with Joseph Mimram, the designer behind the highly-successful and affordable apparel brand, Joe Fresh. The label closed out Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week on Wednesday with its fall/winter 2012 collection.

Global Fashion: How has the preparation been for fashion week?

Joseph Mimran: I feel great. It’s always a hectic build up to the show, lots of work goes into the show, a tremendous amount of preparations, lots of samples get made and fitted and today is really a combination of all of that. It’s an exciting day, lots of last minute tweaking, hair, makeup, but everything is looking quite good.

GF: Speaking of hair and makeup, what kind of look do you have planned for the models to showcase the line? What can we expect from the hair and makeup styles? 
 JM: Well, the hair is loosely based on the movie Blow Up and Verushka and it has a little bit of teasing, a little bit of height in the front and then sort of modernized by getting pulled back with a little bit of a Joe Fresh clean look to it and then a little bit of a smokier eye than we usual do and then very clean lip.

GF: What can we expect on the runway? Is there a theme?
 JM: Well, you’re going to see a lot of mixed media, you’re going to see a lot of mixing of materials- tweeds with faux furs, and you’re going to see a lot of mixing of different types of patterning and colour. The use of colour is really fun this season and then we finish with black and white this season because of that 60s influence. And then there’s a little bit of shine, some hand knit sweaters and we always love to do some hand knits. There are some great silhouettes and some modern fabrications just thrown into the mix.

GF: What colours can we expect for fall? Give us the inside scoop on what we can expect, on what’s hot for fall and winter?
JM: Well, I think on the runway shows you’re seeing a lot of wine colours mixed with red. Red is really important. We’ve done this mustardy colour, which is the yellow; the more acidic yellow to go with it which I think looks really really good. The orange has gone a little bit more pumpkin, so a little bit more fallish and then you’re going to see a lot of black and white. The classic black and white seems to be perennial.

GF: I’ll be attending your wife’s show and also interviewing her for Pink Tartan. Tell me, how has it been for you two in the house, is it really hectic? 
JM: Yeah, it is really hectic, like crazy hectic. We’ve got our daughter that we have to shuffle back and forth and early morning interviews, and dinners we have to go to and meeting with people from out of town, so it’s been a crazy run up.

GF: Do you plan on collaborating any time soon?
JM: Well, I think we’ve done that quite well… Our daughter is probably our best collaboration so far.

GF: What can we expect in the future for Joe Fresh?
JM: It’s interesting because we’re constantly moving the needle on the brand and trying to keep it interesting and exciting, never taking anything for granted, never assuming anything about how the customer will respond and you gotta earn their love every single season which is what we got to do.

GF: And you guys have been doing that because you bring great quality for a very reasonable price.
JM: Well, we hope so. That’s our mandate, that’s really the underpinning of our entire brand essence.

GF: Joe Fresh had recently opened on Queen West so how has that been?
JM: Queen and Portland has been amazing. It’s almost like that market is made for us, it is really tailor-made for us, it’s great to be back on Queen St. and you know, that’s where the hipsters are and it’s right up our ally.

GF: How can you explain Joe Fresh in just a few words?
JM: Well, Joe Fresh is always looking to take the trends of the season and putting our own spin on it and I think that’s what we do and we bring it to the consumer with our filter on it. We edit in a way that’s very wearable so it’s essentially kind of our thing.

Interview: Stacey McKenzie goes Daisy Duke for Bustle show and tells all


TORONTO- As promised, Global News brings you an in-depth second interview with Stacey McKenzie, after the supermodel walked down the catwalk at Bustle’s show on Wednesday evening for World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto.

The audience cheered, clapped and whistled as Stacey opened the show with a dramatic walk down the rodeo-inspired runway, dressed like Daisy Duke. She kept the crowd alive as she gave away cowboy hats to a few men sitting in the front row, followed by a smooch on their foreheads.

The fashion and model icon herself met with Global Fashion’s Christina Cheng for a post-show interview where she spoke about her experience with Bustle, her upcoming work and her motto to life.

Global Fashion: How did it feel to be walking down that runway? It seems like you had an amazing time!

Stacey McKenzie: I always have fun on the runway. I love being on the runway, I had a great time and, of course, Bustle’s show was fun and great to do. They always have such a crazy theme and this one was absolute madness!

They called me up and said they want to book me for the show and they wanted me to play a ‘white girl’ and I was like, ‘seriously? I’m down!’ So it was pretty cool to embrace my whiteness. I’m part white so it works.

GF: How did BUSTLE approach you to take part in this fashion show?
SM: Well, I usually work with Bustle and book their shows. They approached me and said, ‘Stacey, I’d love to have you on our show again. We want you to open and close the show again. Because you’re absolutely amazing, again!’

GF: How did you feel about the whole cowgirl, cowboy, country theme?
I thought it was pretty cool. It is apart of being Canadian; the Calgary stampede and the big anniversary so I think it’s really really cool that they were able to incorporate that and make it about Canadian talent and about Canada and to show that we’re fun, nice and crazy.

GF: Speaking of crazy, you were crazy on the runway. Giving guys kisses on their foreheads, while giving out cowboy hats. You were fun, spunky and flirty all at the same time. Was that part of the whole show, did the designers know you were going to do that?
SM: They know I’m going to do craziness. When I walk down the runway, I’m not bored, I have fun when I’m on the runway and what I love about these guys is they allow me to be myself. I’m not saying that being a model you have to always be straightforward, simple, and walk straight, or have any energy or attitude or atmosphere. These guys they switched it up; they allowed you to have fun and allowed me to be myself and they know I’m pretty wild because I’m more of an actress when it comes to the runway. They were definitely aware of my actions on the runway—that’s why they wanted me on the show.


GF: Do you have any future plans of walking the runway again in the near future?
For this season, this is the only show that I’m doing but I definitely want to be apart of more shows, hopefully in Paris next time.

GF: Do you have anything lined up as yet there?
SM: Maybe, maybe… I had this lined up and nobody knew about it so you have to wait and see!

GF: You have your online video blog and workshops. Can you explain?
SM: Yes, ‘Rule Your Runway.’ I do stories on up and coming designers and models and this gives aspiring models to showcase their talent and be seen because I feel a lot of up and coming talent in Canada, especially in the fashion industry, doesn’t really get that outlet. They aren’t really able to show their talent and be seen and I feel I was given this opportunity to be in this business and make a name for myself within this industry and to also give back. It’s really like ruling your own destiny and taking it and going with it and having fun with it.

I also have a workshop called ‘Walk This Way.’ I created a couple of workshops: one geared toward aspiring models because a lot of models don’t have the opportunity or have someone to help them and guide them along their journey. Models are always doing it on their own so I created a workshop geared toward them, to help them prepare for the industry in all aspects, not just runway and photo posing.

I help them make a name for themselves and help them in the industry, especially one that’s not going to use and abuse them or take advantage of them.
The second workshop is geared towards self-esteem, so what I do is I basically help channel your own supermodel. This is for an “everyday person.” This has been great and very rewarding; I’ve been doing it for almost eight years now. I don’t do it as often as I would like to, but my goal is to open my own schools for modeling.

GF: During these workshops, did you have any of these aspiring models go further afterwards?
SM: Oh yeah, I have a few that went further for sure and not just in high fashion. I teach them about all aspects of all different types of modeling so I have a lot of students that have made it doing commercials. One of my students used to be a model but left the business because she had a family but came back into the business.  Now she’s more of an actress and she is doing amazing! Her daughter is also my student, she’s five-years-old and she’s my youngest student. She had a cover on Parent Magazine and just landed a Sears commercial, Sears campaign, Target… it’s crazy!

GF: So you’re really giving back to these models…
SM: Yes and it’s really on them as well because basically what I give back to them is the real deal to help them and give them expert advice to go about the right way. I give them the real deal stuff, I don’t sugarcoat anything, I’m not here to take advantage of them so I just give that to them and they basically take that and do whatever they want to do with it. I hopefully try to motivate them and have them pursue it.

GF: We had talked the other day about your undergarment line. When can we see that and what else can we expect from you?
SM: Soon. I can’t talk too much about it yet but soon. I’m definitely looking forward to it! I’m really looking forward to doing a lingerie line and other lines as well; eventually a clothing line. I mean, I have mad style so I gotta do this!

GF: What’s you motto?
SM: You know what? My thing is, don’t limit yourself; if you have more than one talent, do not limit yourself… Try, try, try everything you want to pursue because you never know where it might take you. 

Couture meets Home Fashion – Korhani Home f/w 2012 collection

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TORONTO – Mongolian beauties, punk rock piglets and dramatic masquerade models took over the runway to kick-start the first day of Toronto Fashion Week with a show by Korhani Home, who showcased art, design, texture and colour made entirely of rugs.

“My background is fashion and I always thought that home décor and fashion was always the step-sister but I think they go hand-in-hand,” said designer, Kirsten Korhani.

“If you like to dress up, you want to dress up your home as well because it’s part of your personality, so that’s just a way to represent your brand on the runway and since carpets don’t fly, we put them on models to bring that over to our customers.”
The Toronto-based manufacture turned its rugs over to the runway, showcasing a unique collection with unique themes.

Korhani’s first look was inspired by Mongolian beauties and combined textures of wool, shaggy rugs, artistic patterns and accented with neutrals of beige and browns with a flash of pinks, purples and oranges. Carpeted capes, jackets, dresses, vests, ponchos and skirts wowed the crowd.


 “I wanted to show that you have to mix it up with colours and don’t be afraid in your home to accent colours once in a while. You can mix and match everything! What you’re doing with your wardrobe, you can do it everyday in your home as well.”

Glamour-punk inspired her second look along with using piglets of all colours as an unusual pop of accessory.

The models showcased a more rugged look with dark dramatic make up, hair sprayed hair with pink and green streaks, checkered leggings, studded pants, chunky studded heels and heavy combat boots.

“With this look, I take you back to the beginning of the nineties, very rock n’ roll, very risky and very London inspired,” Korhani said.

“Believe it or not, this is more casual… Some people like minimalism and some like pattern so I reduced it a bit and used black and white, colour blocking, two-tone checks, and a combination of crazy colours.”

 Her third look was themed, ‘Death in Venice’ and was inspired by masquerades. 

The energy on the runway was dramatic, mysterious, engaging and hard.

“I wanted to show that black is the new black and every tones of midnight blue and green are coming back,” Korhani said.

Her third look was a combination of Victorian floral prints with silky and velvet textures, and regal gold gowns that was dramatic and luxurious all at the same time.

Korhani explains this theme as “the light meets the darkness.”

“The themes I show are something I really want to share with the customers because I think it should be in everybody’s home and not just in my imagination. I want to share my imagination,” she said.


Korhani explains her style as affordably chic with the highest quality materials.

“Korhani is accessible and chic for everybody… A lot of fashion is high fashion and not everybody can afford it so I make it so because I think it’s about style and beauty as well.”

As for the future, Korhani says she plans to expand her line throughout North America and Europe.

“Right now, we’re still in the first stages for the next collections… As soon as one show is done, tomorrow we’re working on a new project.”

Korhani’s past two runway shows have wowed style-watchers and it seems she’s done it again for her third time during Toronto Fashion Week’s opening night.

“I think for opening night, it was a nice start to have something new and different and it excludes you from everybody else… My line is not in the competition but still, home accessories can set a trend as well,” she said. 


The Beach Boys reunite after 20 years: Grammy Awards

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After recent announcements of their reunion and tour, The Beach Boys celebrated their 50th anniversary on stage tonight at the 54th Grammy Awards.

For the first time in 20 years, the legendary group took centre stage and rocked out to their popular single, “Good Vibrations” as they had the crowd on their feet, as if it was 1966 all over again.

Maroon 5 and Foster the People also paid tribute to The Beach Boys as they performed the band’s classics. Maroon 5’s Adam Levine set the mood with his high-tone falsetto to “Surfer Girl” and hard rockers Foster the People rocked through “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”

The Beach Boys weren’t the only veterans to perform tonight – Bruce Springsteen also made an appearance in tribute to the remembrance of Whitney Houston’s life and angelic music.

Top newcomer music stars like Melanie Fiona, Adele, Rihanna and Katy Perry were also on hand to pay tribute.

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GRAMMY AWARDS- Glamorous red carpet fashion: Yays or nays?

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TORONTO – Year by year, stylish celebrities walk the Grammy Awards red carpet in celebration of not only music, but fashion.

This year’s red carpet offerings ranged from high fashion elegance to over-the-top statements, such as Lady Gaga’s custom Versace fishnet ensemble and Nicki Minaj’s red satin Versace robe complete with a man dressed as the Pope as her sideline accessory.

Rihanna fiercely sported her new blonde hair with a simple, black, revealing Giorgio Armani dress.

Country star Taylor Swift elegantly walked down the red carpet in a detailed gold Zuir Murad Couture gown, paired perfectly with her two golden gramophone awards for Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance for her single, “Mean.”

Just over a year since giving birth, Alicia Keys showed off her hour-glass figure in a black Alexandre Vauthier dress, paired with a gold chest plate for some bling.

Katy Perry rocked cool blue tones from top to bottom this year. The pop star wore a baby blue Elie Saab Couture gown paired with an aqua updo.

Paris Hilton was hoping to mimic a goddess look with a long light-flowing white and gold dress by Basil Soda, accessorized with a metal gold belt to emphasize her petite figure.

The sexy orange lace number from designer Jean Paul Gaultier was sported by the sassy pop star Fergie. She was definitely the talk on the red carpet as it quite literally showed off her figure.

Pop icon Cyndi Lauper showed remorse after the tragic loss of her loving friend Whitney Houston. Lauper wore a black-on-black tuxedo couture gown by Jean Paul Gaultier.

A few other elegantly dressed numbers include: Kelly Rowland in an Alberta Ferretti dress, Kate Beckinsale in a cream Zuhair Murad mini silk dress paired with black Salvatore Ferragamo heels and Carrie Underwood kept it shiny and classy with a white long-sleeve Gomez-Gracia gown that was accented with silver sequins.